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Queer Faces Migrant Voices

Queer refugees report.

Sat. 5 October, 5 pm, Festival Lounge – admission free

They come from Iran, Ethiopia, Ukraine and Armenia – in addition to their history as refugees, they are united by the fact that they had to leave their country of origin because of their sexual orientation or identity. On their way to Germany and in order to be allowed to stay here, they have had to answer countless questions.

In this radio project, they take the opportunity to tell their story themselves, voluntarily and exactly as they want to tell it.

In several workshops with Radio Z, they have learnt how to turn a part of their life story that is important to them personally into a story that can then be professionally recorded and turned into a radio programme. The participants give themselves a voice and make themselves heard. They talk about their lives before, during and after their flight, share their thoughts on identity and allow us to listen to conversations that may or may not have actually taken place.

The project was carried out in parallel in Amsterdam and Nuremberg. In this final presentation, participants from both cities share their stories in the form of audio features.
in the form of audio features.

What is unusual for a film festival is that we can keep our eyes closed, because voices are being heard here.