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Open Eyes – Human Rights Films for Schools 2022

Please note that the Open Eyes school films are offered especially for school classes and are not open to the public. Further information on the programme and registration for teachers can be found at www.nihrff.de/en/open-eyes

Open Eyes has been generously supported by Stabilo International GmbH since 2007.

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange
The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

Documentary, Ukraine, Lithuania 2020, 73 Min., Russian, Ukrainian with German subtitles, no rating, directed by: Iryna Tsilyk

recommended from grade 9

#Ukraine #Living in the Warzone #Film within Film

Dead Donkeys fear no Hyeans
Dead Donkeys fear no Hyenas

Documentary, Sweden, Germany, Finnland, 2016, 82 Min., German Version, Rated G, directed by: Joakim Demmer

recommended from grade 9

#Agrobusiness #Globalisation #Development Aid

Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush
Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush

Feature Film, Germany, France 2022, 118 Min., German Version, Rated PG, directed by: Andreas Dresen

recommended from grade 9

#War on Terror #German Failure #Guantánamo

Shadow Game
Shadow Game

Documentary, Netherlands 2021, 90 Min., English, Arabic, Kurdish, Persian, Paschtu with German subtitles, no rating, directed by: Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel

recommended from grade 9

#Flight #Fortress Europe #Social Media

Spuren – Die Opfer des NSU
Spuren – Die Opfer des NSU

Documentary, Germany 2019, 81 Min., German, Turkish with German subtitles, Rated PG-13, directed by: Aysun Bademsoy

recommended from grade 9

#Rightwing Terror #Racism #Solidarity

Who Owns My Village?
Wem gehört mein Dorf?

Documentary, Germany 2021, 96 Min., German Version, Rated PG, directed by: Christoph Eder

recommended from grade 8

#Democracy #Engagement #Local Politics

Open Eyes Film Talks 2022

The heart of our Open Eyes school screenings are the subsequent discussions with filmmakers and/or experts on the topic of the film. This year, talks will be held after two screenings of each film. You can find more information in the flyer.


The Earth Is Blue as an Orangewith director Iryna Tsilyk (requested)Thu., 29.9., 8:30 a.m.
Fri., 30.9., 11 a.m.
Dead Donkeys Fear no Hyenaswith Gisela Voltz, Mission eine Welt Mon., 26.9., 8:30 a.m.

Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bushwith writer Laila Stieler (requested)Tue., 27.9., 11 a.m.
Wed., 28.9., 8:30 a.m.
Shadow Gamewith director Eefje Blankevoort (requested)Thu., 29.9., 11 a.m.
Fri., 30.9., 8:30 a.m.
Spuren – Die Opfer des NSUwith Birgit Mair, ISFBB e.V. Mon., 26.9., 2 p.m.
Thu., 29.9., 2 p.m.
Who Owns My Village?with director Christoph Eder (cancelled)Wed., 5.10., 2 p.m.
Thu., 6.10., 8:30 a.m.

Teacher Trainging “The Holocaust in feature films and documentaries”

In this one-day training course, we will take an in-depth look at the depiction of the Holocaust in feature films and documentaries.
The focus will not only be on the transmission of certain pictorial motifs and narrative patterns, but also on the development of these. From documentary classics such as NACHT UND NEBEL (Alain Resnais, 1955) and SHOAH (Claude Lanzmann, 1985) to second-generation cinematic confrontations and feature films such as SCHINDLER’S LIST (Steven Spielberg, 1993), DAS LEBEN IST SCHÖN (Roberto Benigni, 1997) and JOJO RABBIT (Taika Waititi 2019), the exhibition also examines how some narrative patterns are consolidated while others change. The relationship between the perspectives of victims and perpetrators in the film will also be discussed, as well as the cinematic means used and the historical context of their creation.

Lecturer: Andrea Kuhn
Registration and Infos viahttps://fibs.alp.dillingen.de
Location: Filmhaus Nürnberg im Künstlerhaus, Königstr. 93, 90402 Nürnberg, 1. Floor, Seminarraum
Date: 14. October 2022, Duration: 10-17 Uhr, inkl. breaks