Spuren – Die Opfer des NSU

DIRECTED BY: Aysun Bademsoy COUNTRY:Germany YEAR: 2019 LANGUAGES: German, Turkish SUBTITELS: German RUNTIME: 81 min Rated:PG 13 RECOMMENDED 9th grade +

SECTION: Open Eyes 2022


Between 2000 and 2007, 10 people were murdered by the self-proclaimed National Socialist Underground (NSU). After the end of the NSU trial, far too lenient sentences and numerous unanswered questions, the relatives of the victims are left disappointed. In addition to the murders and the verdict, the racist investigations and reports have also left their mark. How do the relatives deal with these experiences, with the loss, the grief and the injuries? The film focuses on the perspective of the bereaved and accompanies, among others, the family and an employee of Enver Şimşek, who was shot dead at his flower stand in Nuremberg on September 9, 2000.

“SPUREN – DIE OPFER DES NSU is a work on not forgetting, an intimate portrait and an accumulation of material. The filmmaker herself takes a stand, naming the motivation for the project in the film: namely the feeling that it could always have affected her own family, and still can.” – Anne Küper, critic.de

#Rightwing Terror #Racism #Solidarity

WEBSITE: https://www.salzgeber.de/spuren

EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL: https://www.kinofenster.de/filme/filmarchiv/spuren-die-opfer-der-nsu-film/

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ute Freund, Isabelle Casez EDITOR: Maja Tennstedt

PRODUCTION: Ma.ja.de. GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Salzgeber (info@salzgeber.de)