Water & Coltan

Water & Coltan

International Forum

360°- Film

COUNTRIES: Germany, Democratic Republic of Congo YEAR: 2021 RUNTIME 52 min

DIRECTED BY: Daniel Kötter

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Yasmine Bisimwa, Olande Byamungu, Christian Muhigwa

LANGUAGE(S): Swahili, Mashi

SUBTITLES: German, English

SCRIPT: Daniel Kötter, Anna Ptak

PRODUCED BY: Daniel Kötter, Andrea Oberfeld, Leoni Grutzmacher


EDITED BY: Daniel Kötter



NIHRFF Goes Virtual Reality and presents its first 360° film! WATER & COLTAN deals with the consequences of mining on landscape and communities in West Germany and Democratic Republic of Congo.

While WATER sketches posthuman near-future scenarios for the former coal mining Ruhr area, COLTAN transports its audience directly to the places of the struggle of women in artisanal coltan mining camps in South Kivu in Democratic Republic of Congo. Based on a shared research of the filmmaker with social worker Yasmine Bisimwa, lawyer Olande Byamungu and engineer Christian Muhighwa and referencing Homer’s tantalus myth, the 360° documentary immersive experience combines two local sides of one and the same violent global phenomenon: the extractivist relation to natural and human resources with its long-term consequences for the environment and society.

Daniel Kötter

Daniel Kötter, born 1975, is a German documentary filmmaker and theater director. His research based works alternate between different media and institutional contexts. He regularly worked on the African continent and the Middle East.

state-theatre: Lagos, Teheran, Berlin, Detroit, Beirut, Mönchengladbach (2009-2014), Hashti Tehran (2017), Desert View (2018), Rift Finfinnee (2020), Water & Coltan (2021), Landshaft (2023)

PRODUCTION: Daniel Kötter, ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

WORLD SALES: Kino Rebelde (distribution@kinorebelde.com)