The Flag

Le Repli

International Forum

COUNTRY: Frankreich YEAR: 2023 RUNTIME: 90 min

DIRECTED BY: Joseph Paris

LANGUAGE(S): French, English, Abkhazian, Arabic


SCRIPT: Joseph Paris

PRODUCED BY: Audrey Ferrarese


EDITED BY: Joseph Paris

SCORE: Pierre Paris



THE FLAG is a documentary essay that documents the intensification of an identity-based discourse that has become dominant in France and the decline in civil liberties. It goes to meet those who suffer the effects and who together try to resist it:

exiles, Muslim citizens, inhabitants of workingclass neighborhoods and activists. The film focuses on deconstructing the political and journalistic discourse that has supported this hardening of attitudes over the past thirty years.

Confronting current events with archival footage, THE FLAG is a committed film, written in the first person, which enlightens and alerts.

Joseph Paris

Joseph Paris is a French-based filmmaker whose work focusses on social issues and experimental forms. His films have been screened at numerous international festivals; THE FLAG is his latest work.

Printemps Soluble (2009), Propriété Intellectuelle (2011), Naked War (2014), The Flag (2022)

PRODUCTION:   drôle de trame

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