Kabul, City in the Wind

Kabul, City in the Wind

DIRECTED BY: Aboozar Amini COUNTRY: Afghanistan, Netherlands, Germany, Japan YEAR: 2018 SPOKEN LANGUAGE(S): Dari SUBTITLES: German RUNNING TIME: 88 min

SECTION: Open Eyes 2021

Afshin and his younger brother Benjamin live at the hillside of the Chil Dokhtaran mountains. Grown up next to the city full of bombs and sirens, violence has become a part of their innocence. When their father leaves for another country, an end comes to Afshin’s childhood. Abbas is a ruthless bus driver. The lengthy process of his tempts to fix his broken bus reveals his way of living between truth and lies. Their stories will intermingle with the city scenes, passengers etc on the bus ride, to complete the symphonic portrait of the city. Without showing shocking scenes, the film portraits the soul of Kabul that is in agony.


Aboozar Amini (1985, Bamiyan, Afghanistan) migrated to the Netherlands as a teenager. After high school, he completed his bachelor’s degree at the Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. His graduation film KabulTehranKabul (2010) won the prestigious Wildcard Award of the Dutch Film Fund. He did his MA in Directing and Aesthetic Cinematography at the London Film School, where he made 12 short films. His graduation film LFS Angelus Novus (2015) was inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee. The film premiered at IFFR (Rotterdam) and won numerous awards. His film Where is Kurdistan (2016) was screened at IFFR. His latest short film had its world premiere as the opening film of the Directors` Fortnight of the Cannes International Film Festival 2018. Aboozar lives and works in Kabul, Afghanistan, and Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. He is currently developing his first feature film, The Cineaste, which was selected for Open Doors in Locarno and the Film Bazaar in Goa.

Kabultehrankrabul (2010), Angelus Novus (2015), Where is Kurdistan? (2016), Kabul, City in the Wind (2018)

SCRIPT: Aboozar Amini PRODUCER: Jia Zhao CINEMATOGRAPHY: Aboozar Amini EDITOR: Barbara Hin

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Color of May, Silk Road Film Salon (jiazhao98@hotmail.com) WORLD SALES: Rediance (info@rediancefilms.com)  GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Jip Film & Verleih Gbr (info@jip-film.de)