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Open Eyes educational programme 2021

Please note that the Open Eyes school films are offered especially for school classes and are not open to the public. More information about the programme and registration for teachers can be found at www.nihrff.de/en/open-eyes.

Since 2007, Open Eyes has been generously sponsored by Stabilo International GmbH.

Kabul, City in the Wind
Kabul, City in the Wind

AF, NL, DE, JP 2018, 88 min, language(s): Dari, subtitles: German, directed by: Aboozar Amini


DE 2020, 89 min, language(s): German, English, subtitles: German, directed by: Carmen Losman

Trans – I Got Life
Trans – I Got Life

DE, RU, US 2021, 95 min, language(s): German, English, Russian, subtitles: German, directed by: Doris Metz, Imogen Kimmel

Who Owns My Village?
Wem gehört mein Dorf?

DE 2021, 96 min, language(s): German, directed by: Christoph Eder

Wolves, The
Lobos, Los

MX 2019, 95 min, language(s): Spanish, English, Cantonese, subtitles: German voice-over, directed by: Samuel Kishi Leopo

Words of Bandits
Paroles de bandits

FR 2019, 90 min, language(s): Arabic, English, Französisch, Tigrinya, subtitles: German, English, directed by: Jean Boiron Lajous