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Brazil: Democracy on the Brink – A Talk with Bruno Bimbi

Fri., 04.10., 8 pm, 2. OG Kopfbau

Moderator: Moritz Krawinkel, Latin America consultant at medico international

Homophobia, racism, glorification of torture and dictatorship. The list of Brazil’s President Bolsonaro’s perfidies goes on and on. In doing so, he has struck a nerve with the white middle and upper classes, who saw their privileges threatened by the “progressive” governments of Lula and Dilma. Bolsonaro’s inhumane slogans are directed against all those who should have no place in Brazil: Police violence in the favelas is reaching new highs, attacks on indigenous people in the Amazon region and on landless farmers are on the rise. Brazil was already the country with the highest number of transgender murders in the world.

Bruno Bimbi is a journalist, linguist and LGBT activist. He is the author of the books “Matrimonio igualitario” and “El fin del armario”. For eight years, he was a political advisor to Jean Wyllys, the first openly gay member of the Brazilian parliament, and worked as a correspondent for Argentina’s largest news channel. Following death threats
Wyllys resigned his seat at the beginning of 2019 and left Brazil. Bruno Bimbi also went into exile. He currently lives in Barcelona and writes for the New York Times, among other publications.

Films on the situation in Brazil: