A Boy’s Life

A Boy’s Life

International Forum

COUNTRY: Austria YEAR: 2023 RUNTIME: 96 min

DIRECTED BY: Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamer

LANGUAGE(S): English


PROCUCED BY: Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamer, Christian Kermer, Susanne Krönes

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Christian Kermer

EDITED BY: Christian Kermer



As one of the famous “131 boys from Kaunas” Daniel Chanoch is deported to Auschwitz. Working at the ramp he becomes Dr. Mengele´s role model at occasional inspections by the Red Cross. After a “Death March”, lasting months, the kids arrive at the Upper Austrian satellite camp Gunskirchen. There true hell is revealed: poisoning, plagues, hunger and cannibalism. After liberation, just 12 years old, Daniel reunites with his brother. As the sole survivors of the family they set off for Palestine.

Christian Krönes

Christian Krönes is an Austrian filmmaker. After studying film and directed, he worked for Austrian television, German broadcasting companies, and as a freelance producer and consultant. In 2006, Christian Krönes formed Blackbox Film and is now active as managing director and producer.

Ein deutsches Leben (2016), Welcome to Sodom (2018), Ein jüdisches Leben (2021), A Boy’s Life (2023)

Florian Weigensamer

After his studies of Political Science and Communication Science at the University of Vienna, Florian Weigensamer worked as a journalist, director, and producer, among other professions. He is a founding member of the Blackbox-Collective.

Ein deutsches Leben (2016), Welcome to Sodom (2018), Ein jüdisches Leben (2021), A Boy’s Life (2023)

PRODUCTION: Blackbox Film & Media (office@blackboxfilm.at)

WORLD SALES: Cinephil (info@cinephil.com)