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Live Concerts and DJs

From 2 to 9 October, we will be presenting great live concerts with local bands and artists in our festival lounge from 10 pm together with the Musikverein Nürnberg. Afterwards, various Radio Z DJs will spin and bring the festival day to a relaxed close. Admission is free.

Thursday, 3.10.

ADAM SONO played as a drummer/percussionist in various bands for a long time until he became a guitarist and singer/songwriter himself. He quickly recorded his first CD. The special thing about it is that SONO recorded the songs with guitars, bass, organ, drumset, percussion and also vibraphone. The artist will be performing solo here – but sometimes you might think you’re listening to a whole band…

11 pm Radio Z DJ: Christian Moosbacher

Weirdo Pop

Friday, 4.10.

phant and complÄxx are two cyberpunks who like to record lo-fi musicand try to make the best of this dystopia.

11 pm Radio Z DJ: Axel Nehrlich


Saturday, 5.10.

Quiet but definite tones between the sounds of an electric guitar and the playfulness of a ukulele find their place with elena steri. elena steri writes honest songs that honour the small and inconspicuous things in life as well as conveying big emotions. A voice that fills the room underpinned by careful melodies – enchanting minimalism.

11 pm Radio Z DJ: A Good Life Is the Best Revenge


Sunday, 6.10.

10 pm Surprise guests

11 pm Radio Z DJ: Christian Seitz

Disco, Downtempo, Pop

Monday 7.10.

Fake art at half price. Or rather fake jazz. The seven art forgers Moses (vocals), Jona Pinto (rap), Christoph Ohlwärther (guitar), Stefan Nether/Benjamin Brönner (keys), Julius Wassenaar (bass) and Valerio Pohl (drums). The music is so forged that it is original again. Fat vocals, virtuoso solos, waltzing bass, playful drums – everything that needs to be there. Nobody fakes it this original.

11 pm Radio Z DJ: Tobi Lindemann

Experimental & Soul

Tuesday, 8.10.

Solo performer, songwriter and author Jan Bratenstein is The Black Elephant Band. With his album “Pop Smears”, the likeable anti-folk weirdo is also known to a wider audience. He has performed countless solo shows, as well as supporting and performing with the folk collective Folk’s Worst Nightmare. The Black Elephant Band performed with us once before in 2017. We are looking forward to the comeback!

11 pm Radio Z DJ: Claus Caraut



Chris Padera tells personal stories and underpins them with indie folk and punk rock influences. As part of the music collective Folk’s Worst Nightmare and the indie band Houseparty, he is at home both in club basements and on festival stages.
club cellars as well as on festival stages. In addition to his joie de vivre, his live performance is particularly infectious: whether with a band or solo, a smile is guaranteed in any case.

11 pm Radio Z DJ: Seraphina

Super Sunset Pop