Pure Unknown

Sconosciuti Puri

International Forum

German Premiere

COUNTRIES: Italy, Switzerland, Sweden YEAR: 2023 RUNTIME: 93 min

DIRECTED BY: Mattia Colombo, Valentina Cicogna

LANGUAGE(S): Italian, English

SUBTITLES: German, English

SCRIPT: Mattia Colombo, Valentina Cicogna

PRODUCED BY: Sebastiano Luca Insinga, Chiara Nicoletti


EDITED BY: Valentina Cicogna

SCORE: Zeno Gabaglio



Every night nameless bodies land in Dr. Cristina Cattaneo’s autopsy room. She calls them the Pure Unknown. These Pure Unknown often belong to the fringes of society. They are homeless, sex workers, runaway teenagers. Lately, they have mostly been migrants, rejected by the Mediterranean Sea onto the shores of Italy. If all rights belong to the living, nothing is left to the dead.

So what happens when the dead have lost their identity? In the face of this growing multitude, no one seems concerned about their right to dignity. No one but Cristina.

presented by:

Mattia Colombo

Mattia Colombo, born in Milan in 1982, is a director, author, and screenwriter. His films have been screened at several festivals, including Visions du Réel and Hot Docs. As an author and screenwriter, he is working on a crime series, inspired by the books of forensic scientist Cristina Cattaneo.

I Want to Sleep with You (2015), The Pass (2016), A Steady Job (2022), Pure Unknown (2023)

Valentina Cicogna

Valentina Cicogna was born in Milan in 1984. She has worked as assistant director, (assistant) editor, and screenwriter for numerous award-winning films. PURE UNKNOWN marks her directorial debut.

Pure Unknown (2023)

PRODUCTION: Jump Cut (info@jumpcut.it)

WORLD SALES: Deckert Distribution Gmbh (info@deckert-distribution.com)