No U-Turn

No U-Turn

International Forum

COUNTRIES: Nigeria, South Africa, France, Gabon, Georgia, Germany YEAR: 2022 RUNTIME: 94 min

DIRECTED BY: Ike Nnaebue

LANGUAGE(S): English, Igbo, French, Niuean


PRODUCED BY: Christilla Huillard-Kann, Ike Nnaebue, Okechukwu Omeire, Don Edkins, Tiny Mungwe


EDITED BY: Matthieu Augustin

SCORE: Ikwan Onkha



Nollywood filmmaker Ike Nnaebue retraces a journey he made twenty-six years ago, when he left Nigeria as a young man to try and reach Europe by road. Along the way, he meets those who are taking the same trip today to search for a better life and, through conversations with them, tries to understand the aspirations of young people in West Africa.
On his own journey, Ike Nnaebue returned because of the advice a stranger gave him. Why do other young men and women continue? With images of people lured into slavery and bondage along the routes in North Africa all over social media and the internet, most young people are aware of the dangers of traveling undocumented by road. Yet more and more women are joining the ranks of those who risk this journey. Who are the people taking such a dangerous risk and what does this mean for the evolving gender roles in African society? This journey is a reflection on Ike Nnaebue’s own coming-of-age story, a road movie through the landscapes and cultures of West Africa. No U-Turn is Nnaebue’s first documentary.

Ike Nnaebue

Ike Nnaebue was born in 1975 in Nigeria. He is a Nigerian director, screenwriter and producer as well as the Founder and CEO of Love Portion Creativehubs. His first commercial film FALSE (2012) received several nominations and a Golden Icon Academy Award (GIAMA). So far, his films have been screened at several international festivals.

False (2013), A Long Night (2014), Sink or Swim (2015), Wings of My Dreams (2016), The Other Side (2016), The Golden Fleece (2017), The Plan (2017), DR Mekam (2018), Loving Daniella (2018), Besieged (2019), No U-Turn (2022)

PRODUCTION: Elda Productions (, Passion8 Communications Limited, Steps International (

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