In the Name of Scheherazade or the First Beergarden in Tehran

In the Name of Scheherazade or the First Beergarden in Tehran

DIRECTED BY: Narges Kalhor COUNTRY: Iran, Germany YEAR: 2019 SPOKEN LANGUAGE(S): English, German, Persian SUBTITLES: RUNNING TIME: 75 min

SECTION: International Forum


Forget everything you think you know about storytelling! And get ready for a very surreal trip. Narges Kalhor plunges us in a funny and deconstructed joyful apocalypse of a web of stories while following four characters who moved to Germany in order to escape the dire and dangerous political situation of their countries. A Syrian gay teenager fears that his visa might be refused and that he might have to return home.
An Iranian girl dreams of a Beergarden in the heart of Tehran. Another one struggles with her film project and her teacher that offers useless advice about the ways of making her work more understandable. And, while Scheherazade spins her stories night after night, the world turns gently upside down. A film that offers new meanings on getting lost in translation, while proposing also new perspectives on communication and multiculturalism. A hymn to the sheer force and freedom of creativity. A film that weaves together many layers of reality, juggling with fiction, mocking documentary and its rules.

Narges Kalhor was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1984. She studied at the University of Television and Film in Tehran. When she came to Nuremberg from Iran to the Nuremberg International Film Festival of Human Rights with her system-critical short film DIE EGGE, she had to apply for political asylum in Germany. From 2010 to 2019 she studied documentary film and television journalism at the University of Television and Film Munich. IN THE NAME OF SCHEHERAZADE OR THE FIRST BEER GARDEN IN TEHERAN is her graduation film.

Die Egge (2008), München-Teheran (2011), SHOOT ME! (2013), KAFAN (2014), Lavaschak (2015), In the Hills (2016), Gis (2016), In the Name of Scheherazade or the First Beergarden in Tehran (2019)

SCRIPT: Narges Kalhor, Aydin Alinejad PRODUCER: Nicholas Coleman CINEMATOGRAPHY: Julia Swoboda EDITOR: Frank Müller SCORE: Yorgia Karidi CAST: Ali Abusaiedi, Tahmineh Dokhani, Faezeh Nikoozad, Narges Kalhor


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Oasys Digital Post Production GmbH ( WORLD SALES: Cinélibre