Freedom of Movement

DIRECTOR(S): Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani   COUNTRIES: Germany, Italy   YEAR: 2018   LANGUAGE(S): English, Italian   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 29 min

SECTION: International Forum 2019


Thursday, 03.10., 4.30 pm, kommkino, Q&A with Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani and Ansgar Schäfer


Evoking the Olympic marathon from Rome 1960, in which the Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila conquered the African continent’s first gold medal, running barefoot and becoming a sporting legend and a symbol of the Africa that was freeing itself of colonialism, Fischer & el Sani have recontextualized amidst Rome’s controversial rationalist architecture, a new race involving refugees and immigrants staking a claim to their freedom of movement.
Fischer & el Sani are examining the complexity of ideological, political and architectural implications of Bikila‘s 1960‘s Olympic gold medal run to this day.


Nina Fischer
Nina Fischer was born in 1965 in Emden, Germany. She took her Diploma in Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts, studied in Amsterdam at the Rietveld-Academie for several years and then took another Diploma at the German Film- and Television Academy in Berlin. She was an associate professor in Japan for three years, today she teaches Experimental Film and Media Art in Berlin.

Maroan al Sani
Maroan al Sani was born in 1966 in Duisburg, Germany. He finished his Masters degree in Film Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin in 1995 and taught as an Associate Professor at the School of Art and Design in Japan from 2007 to 2010 . Since 1995, he collaborates with Nina Fischer. Their works have been shown all over the world in various exhibitions and on many festivals.


Nina Fischer & Maroan al Sani
Be Supernatural (1995), Familyland (1996), Lumber (1997), Klub 2000 – Rom, Paris, Marzahn (1998), Tokio[sur]face – 10 Seconds Thinking About the Future (1998), Roma/Amor – 10 Seconds Thinking About the Future (1999), All Roads Lead to Rome – A Line Made by Driving (2000), See You Tomorrow (2001), Hong Kong Will Sing (2001), Palast der Republik – Weissbereich (2001), Fork Unstable Media (2001), Tokyo Star (2004), The Rise (2007), Sayonara Hashima (2008), The Line (2010), Narita Field Trip (2010), Impero dei segni (2011), Spirits Closing Their Eyes (2013), I Live in Fear After March 11 (2014), Identity’s Rule of Three (2016), Freedom of Movement (2018)

SCRIPT: Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani   PRODUCERS: Maroan el Sani, Pippo Ciorra   CAMERA: Johannes Praus, Maroan el Sani   EDITORS: Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani   MUSIC: Björn Wiese   CAST: Soumaila Makadji

PRODUCTION: Fischer & el Sani, MAXXI – National Museum of XXI Century Arts