Fair Traders

DIRECTOR(S): Nino Jacusso   COUNTRY: Switzerland   YEAR: 2019   LANGUAGE(S): German, Swiss German   SUBTITLES:  German  RUNNING TIME: 90 min

SECTION: Open Eyes 2019


Three players in the free market economy assume responsibility for society and future generations: They operate sustainably. The film looks at the careers of successful entrepreneurs in different stages who act locally, nationally and internationally and reconcile market and morality.
FAIR TRADERS investigates the question of what an economic model can look like after neoliberalism and shows the attitude of three pioneers who balance day in day out between fair payment within the entire supply chain, organic production and the cost pressure of the free market economy. The film thus opens up a motivating possible way out of an often seemingly hopeless global situation and focuses on ethics and sustainability as factors for success.


Nino Jacusso was born in South Italy in the village of Acquaviva Collecroce. At the age of five he and his parents moved to Switzerland and Jacusso spent the rest of his upbringing in Biberist and Solothurn. In 1978, he began his studies at the University of Television and Film Munich, which he graduated from with his final project Emigrazione. Since then he has been working as a freelance director. One of his recent films is Escape the Paradise, shown at the Locarno Film Festival, in Cannes as well as San Sebastian, where Jacusso also received the FIPRESCI International Critics’ award in 2001. This film was followed by Federica de Cesco and Shana – The Wolf’s Music.


Emigrazione (1979), Ritorno a Casa (1980), Klassengeflüster (1982), Bellinvitu – Die schöne Einladung (1992), Escape to Paradise (2001), Federica de Cesco (2008), Blind Date (2010), Shana – The Wolf’s Music (2014), Fair Traders (2018)

SCRIPT: Nino Jacusso   PRODUCER: Franziska Reck   CAMERA: Daniel Leippert   EDITOR: Loredana Christelli   MUSIC: Roman Lerch, Dominik Blumer, Thomi Chris

PRODUCTION: RECK Filmproduktion Zürich, SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Juliane Teut, Real Fiction Film