Dicktatorship: Macho Made in Italy

Dicktatorship: Fallo e basta!

DIRECTOR(S): Gustav Hofer, Luca Ragazzi   COUNTRY: Italy   YEAR: 2018   LANGUAGE(S): Italian, English   SUBTITLES: German   RUNNING TIME: 87 min

SECTION: Internationales Forum 2019, Open Eyes 2019


Thursday, 03.10., 8.00 pm, Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus, Q&A with Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi
Sunday, 06.10., 1.30 pm, kommkino


“To have a penis is to be chained to a madman” wrote Sophocles more than 2500 years ago. He was right then and he is still right to this day. With Donald Trump in the White House despite openly misogynist and chauvinistic views, and strongmen asserting themselves around the globe, intellectuals, feminists, activists and many others are asking themselves the same question: how is this possible?
As a gay couple on the eve of their marriage, Gustav and Luca, directors of the award-winning doc “Italy: love it or Leave It”, know one place in the world that can help provide answers to this question: Italy!
Italy boasts 887 nicknames for the penis. Its dictators and Latin Lovers – from Casanova to Mussolini and Berlusconi – were most definitely driven by their penises. Fed up with the global phallocentric system, they decide to explore why our societies are still so penis-driven and what really connects the so called three P’s: penis, power and politics. Their homeland becomes the case study as they investigate the five pillars they believe hold the key to the secrets of dick: education, the political system, the media, the church and the family. Over the course of a kaleidoscopic, at times hilarious and always eye-opening journey, they meet the leading experts in a variety of fields whose theories may help explain the Penis phenomenon. Gustav and Luca also personally conduct some of their own experiments in confronting those who oppose a more gender-equal society in a revealing journey that will even challenge their own marriage.


Gustav Hofer was born in 1976 in Sarnthein (South Tyrol, Italy). After his studies in Communication Science at the University of Vienna and Cinema at Middlesex University in London, he moved to Rome. He works as a freelance journalist and independent filmmaker and for the French-German broadcaster Arte as a correspondent from Italy.


Korea Prioritaria (2002), Il sangue dell’impero (2004), Men For All Seasons (2005), Suddenly, Last Winter (2008), Italy – Love it or leave it (2011), What Is Left? (2014), Limbo (2014), Dicktatorship (2019)


Luca Ragazzi was born in Rome and graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University La  Sapienza in Rome. He works as a journalist, film critic, photographer and independent filmmaker.


Suddenly, Last Winter (2008), Italy: Love it or leave it (2011), What Is Left? (2014), Dicktatorship (2019)

PRODUCER: Marco Visalberghi   CAMERA: Francesco Principini   EDITOR: Giulia Amati   MUSIC: Stefano Ratchev, Mattia Carratello

PRODUCTION: Doclab   WORLD SALES: Shoshi Korman, Cinephil   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: déjà-vu film