DIRECTOR(S): belit sağ   COUNTRY: Netherlands   YEAR: 2018   LANGUAGE: Turkish   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 4 min

SECTION: International Forum 2019

Sunday, 06.10., 5.15 pm, kommkino
Monday, 07.10., 8.15 pm, Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus


It wasn’t until 2011, when the last surviving member of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) was arrested, that it became clear what acts of terror this organization had committed. In addition to 14 bank robberies and three bombings, the extreme-right NSU had systematically murdered 10 German citizens, all of whom had an immigrant background. Police, German intelligence agencies, and the media turned a blind eye and treated the crimes as normal homicides, often turning the victims into perpetrators by assuming organized crime backgrounds.
Artist belit sağ attempts to give the victims back the identity that had been taken from them. In CUT-OUT, she presents them as neutrally as possible, with factual descriptions of their passport photographs. In the process, we learn that this was violence motivated by racism, a fact that has long been denied.

belit sağ

belit sağ was born in Turkey in 1980 and is a videomaker and visual artist living in Amsterdam. She studied Mathematics in Ankara before moving to the Netherlands and enrolling in the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. She has been involved with numerous video activist collectives in Turkey and has been an artist in residence at the Rijksacademie. Her politically engaged work focuses on the manipulation of media images, and has been presented in art spaces and film festivals including Toronto/Rotterdam/San Francisco International Film Festival, Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, MOCA, Taipei and Tütün Deposu, Istanbul.


And the Image Gazes Back (2014), What a Beautiful Voice, Act 1 (2015), My Camera Seems to Recognize People (2015), Eylül – Ekim 2015, Cizre/Sept. – Oct. 2015, Cizre (2015), A Yhan and Me (2016), Disruption (2016), Grain (2016), If You Say It Forty Times… (2017), cut-out (2018), what remains (2019)

PRODUCER: belit sağ  EDITOR: belit sağ