Crescendo – #Makemusicnotwar

DIRECTOR(S): Dror Zahavi   COUNTRY: Germany   YEAR: 2019   LANGUAGE(S): Hebrew, German, English, Arabic   SUBTITLES: German   RUNNING TIME: 106 min

SECTION: Previews at Cinecittà 2019

Wednesday, 09.10., 8 pm, Cinecittà


When world-famous conductor Eduard Sporck accepts the job to create an Israeli-Palestinian youth orchestra, he is quickly drawn into a tempest of sheer unsolvable problems. Having grown up in a state of war, suppression or constant risk of terrorist attacks, the young musicians from both sides are far from able to form a team. Lined up behind the two best violinists – the emancipated Palestinian Layla and the handsome Israeli Ron – they form two parties who deeply mistrust each other, on and off-stage alike. Will Sporck succeed and make the young people forget their hatred, at least for the three weeks until the concert? With the first glimmer of hope, however, the political opponents of the orchestra show them how strong they are…


Dror Zahavi was born in Tel Aviv in 1959. Thanks to a scholarship, he started studying direction at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF in 1982. His final project, Alexander Penn – Ich will sein in allem, was nomiated for the student Oscar in 1988. Despite this success, Zahavi moved back to Israel and mainly worked there as a film critic. In 1991, he eventually moved to Berlin, where he has been living and working as a director ever since.


Und alle haben geschwiegen (2012), Das Jerusalem-Syndrom (2013), Schattengrund (2018), Crescendo (2019), Berthold Beitz -ein unruhiges Leben (2019)

SCRIPT: Johannes Rotter, Dror Zahavi, Marcus O. Rosenmüller, Alice Brauner, Stephen Glantz   PRODUCERS: Alice Brauner, Marcus Machura, Thomas Reisser, Peter Trenkwalder, Michael Zechbauer   CAMERA: Gero Steffen   EDITOR: Fritz Busse   MUSIC: Martin Stock   CAST: Peter Simonischek, Daniel Donskoy, Bibiana Beglau, Sabrina Amali, Götz Otto

PRODUCTION: Alice Brauner, CCC Filmkunst, FilmVergnuegen, MZ-Film, Niama Film   WORLD SALES: Global Screen GmbH   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: CAMINO Filmverleih GmbH