Radio Z Djing

Thursday – Wednesday, from 23:00, at the Festival Lounge

Thursday, 28.9., Festival Lounge


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Indie Pop

It all started at a wild indie disco in the Rote Salon. But because the DJs also like to tell stories about their favorite songs, they grab the Radio Z mics on the second Sunday of the month from 8 to 10 p.m. – with their show “Tommy und Brit”. Behind the name “Tommy and Brit” are Sarah, Alex, Andreas and Nico, a music-loving collective that pays homage to (British) pop culture. For 20 years now, they have enriched Nuremberg’s cultural scene as a DJ team, radio hosts and organizers.

Friday, 29.9., Festival Lounge


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Folk/Ambient/Dream Pop

Sunday, 1.10., Festival Lounge


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Super Sunset Songs

Super Sunset Songs from vinyl.
The crackling of the records is intentional and provides a little touch of campfire feeling. Close your eyes and enjoy!

Monday, 2.10., Festival Lounge


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Tuesday, 3.10., Festival Lounge


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Garage Punk/Synthiepop

After the groundbreaking FM success of the musical Raccoon Memes on Radio Z, Raccoon Radio is now available live! Angie Schnaps & Mörtl Abfall have dug deep and serve you the feelgood hits of the last summers, before it’s autumn again and everyone is only allowed to listen to sad music (that’s the rules).
(so are the rules). Fun fun fun fun with garage punk anthems, synthpop sonatas, boom bap chansons, Italo disco smashers and the one or other hit that everyone knows. It’s worth stopping by, because there’s bound to be some fun and/or tomfoolery again… we’ll think about it, I promise!

Wednesday 4.10., Festival Lounge


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Christian Seitz aka Stereokultur has been active at Radio Z since 2005, presenting new music of all possible stripes every Wednesday and once a month on Mondays at Castrop Rauxel and Neuland. As a member of the event collective ‘Händehoch Soundsystem’ he has put a focus on outernational sounds and will put music between disco, funk, afrobeats and cumbia between 1960 and 1980 from Nigeria, Cameroon, Somalia, the Maghreb as well as Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Bolivia on the turntables this evening.