Open Eyes

COUNTRY : Germany YEAR: 2022 RUNTIME: 78 min

DIRECTED BY: Alexander Kleider


SCRIPT : Alexander Kleider

PRODUCED BY : Alexander Kleider, Daniela Michel


EDITED BY: Daniela Michel, Alexander Kleider

SCORE: Eckes Malz


Berat has Turkish roots and comes from a working-class neighborhood in Duisburg. His image of men and women is patriarchal and conservative. But a “Heroes” workshop makes him rethink his idea of masculinity and he realizes how much he suffered from this worldview. The film now accompanies Berat on his next goal: he wants to become a “Hero” and lead workshops himself to discuss feminism and self-determination with his peers. To do this, he has to complete a year-long training course, and during this time he repeatedly reaches his limits, as family and friends do not always share his new views. With his film, Alexander Kleider creates a very personal portrait of Berat, but also an inspiring documentary about the Heroes project, which was founded in Berlin a few years ago. Its goals include the prevention of tradition- and gender-based violence and the promotion of equality by critically questioning gender norms.

Alexander Kleider

Alexander Kleider, born 1975, is a German documentary filmmaker. He studied communication science in Berlin and functions as a lecturer on the side. Since 2004 he is participating manager at DOK-WERK filmkooperative and makes documentaries for cinema and TV, including ZDF, WDR, ARTE and ARD.

Eiszeit (2004), Im Schatten des Tafelberges (2010), Berlin Rebel High School (2016), Heroes (2022)

PRODUCTION: DOK-WERK filmkooperative

WORLD SALES: Splitscreen