… They Only Take Away the Criminals

… They Only Take Away the Criminals

International Forum

Open Eyes

“People Can Die Twice – Short films”

COUNTRY: Germany YEAR: 2019 RUNTIME: 7 min

DIRECTED BY: Hamze Bytyci



SCRIPT Kristóf Horváth

PRODUCED BY: Caspar Schleicher, Veronika Patočková

3D-ANIMATION: Norbert Oláh

ILLUSTRATION & ANIMATION: Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst

SCOR: Dragan Cordes



“They only take away the criminals,” Zilli Reichmann’s father said when the National Socialists arrested the first Sinti and Roma. Because he was fatally wrong, the 95-year-old Sintizza tells her story today. In the animated short film she tells of the murder of her daughter and family in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, her struggle for survival and the meaning of life after the Holocaust.

Hamze Bytyci

Hamze Bytyçi is a curator, media and theatre educator, director and performer, as well as the chairman of RomaTrial e.V.. In 2017, he founded the International Roma Film Festival AKE DIKHEA?, which has since taken place annually in Berlin under his direction. His short documentary JOŽKA was screened at NIHRFF in 2017. in 2021 Hamze Bytyci was a member of our International Festival Jury.

Jožka (2017), Memory Boxes (2019), …die bringen nur die Verbrecher weg (2019), Branko (2022), Menschen können zweimal sterben (2022), Familie Ujvari (2022), Noncia (2022), Haus ohne Räder (2022), Listen (2022), I Sang Again (2022)

PRODUCTION: Roma Trial e.V. (post@romatrial.org)