The Siren

La Sirène

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COUNTRY: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium YEAR: 2023 RUN TIME: 100 min

DIRECTED BY: Sepideh Farsi



SCRIPT: Javad Djavahery

PRODUCED BY: Sébastien Onomo

EDITED BY: Isabelle Manquillet, Grégoire Sivan

SCORE: Erik Truffaz



1980, Abadan. The capital of the Iranian oil industry is resisting an Iraqi siege.

Fourteen-year-old Omid has braved the siege and stayed in the city with his grandfather, waiting for his elder brother to return from the front line. Along with Omid, a gallery of unusual characters have all remained in the city for their own reasons, and each resists in his or her own way.

But the noose is tightening as Omid tries to save his loved ones, by embarking them on an abandoned boat he finds in Abadan’s port, that will become his ark.

Sepideh Farsi

Sepideh Farsi, born in Teheran in 1965, is an Iranian director. In 1984 she moved to Paris to study Mathematics and then began shooting short films. Her first full-length documentary LE MONDE EST MA MAISON premiered in 1998.

She has participated in numerous film festivals, both with her own films and as part of the jury.

Le monde est ma maison (1998), Homi Sethna, Filmmaker (2001), Rêves de Sable (2003), Le Regard (2006), Téhéran sans autorisation (2009), Red Rose (2014), 7 voiles (2017), Demain, je traverse (2019), Die Sirene (2023)

PRODUCTION: Katuh Studio, Les Films D’ici (

WORLD SALES: Wild Bunch International