The Eclipse

The Eclipse

International Competition

COUNTRY: Norway YEAR: 2022 RUNTIME: 110 min

DIRECTED BY: Nataša Urban

LANGUAGE(S): Serbian

SUBTITLES: German, English

PRODUCED BY: Ingvil Giske


EDITED BY: Jelena Maksimović

SCORE: Bill Gould, Jared Blum



Filmmaker Nataša Urban finds her father’s hiking diaries and begins to use them to trace her own family history in disintegrating Yugoslavia. With her fascinating film she asks questions about memory, repression and forgetting. “Succinct observations on daily life meet beguiling landscapes that appear imprinted with the uncanny. In retracing the old walking routes and in Urban’s conversations with relatives, memories come flashing back: of unspeakable poverty in the former Yugoslavia, of minor escalations of violence in the neighbourhood, right through to the atrocities of Srebrenica. Urban skilfully combines analogue film images of her family and familiar surroundings with archive material, so that the boundaries between the personal and the political—past and present—seem blurred.” (IFFF Dortmund/Cologne)

Nataša Urban

Nataša Urban is a documentary film director and editor working professionally since 2005. Her films, such as JOURNEY OF A RED FRIDGE and BIG SISTER PUNAM, have been screened at over 100 international film festivals and have received 40 awards. They have aired on major TV networks worldwide and are part of educational programs in schools around the globe. Nataša holds a Masters degree in Photography. She has been with Medieperatørene since 2011, working both as a director and editor.

Journey of a Red Fridge (2007), Big Sister Punam (2009), The Eclipse (2022)

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