Burning Days

Kurak Günler

Previews at Cinecittà

COUNTRIES: Türkiye, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece YEAR: 2022 RUNTIME: 127 min


LANGUAGE(S): Turkish


CAST: Selahatti̇n Paşalı, Ekin Koç, Erol Babaoğlu, Erdem Şenocak

SCRIPT: Emin Alper

PRODUCED BY: Nadir Öperli, Kerem Çatay

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Christos Karamanis

EDITED BY: Eytan Ipeker, Özcan Vardar

SCORE: Stefan Will



Emre, a young and dedicated prosecutor, is newly appointed to a small town hit by a water crisis and political scandals. After an initial welcome, he experiences an increasing number of tense interactions and is reluctantly dragged into local politics.
When Emre forms a bond with the owner of the local newspaper pressure escalates under heated rumours.

Emin Alper

Emin Alper, born 1974, studied Economy and History and did a doctorate in Contemporary Turkish History. Before his directorial debut in 2005, he also worked as a film critic and as an actor

Mektup (2005), Rıfat (2006), Beyond the Hill (2012), Abluka (2015), A Tale of Three Sisters (2019), Burning Days (2022)

PRODUCTION: Ay Yapim (info@ayyapim.com), Liman Film (https://www.limanfilm.com)

WORLD SALES: The Match Factory GmbH (info@matchfactory.de)

GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Cinemien (popescu@cinemien.de)