DIRECTED BY: York-Fabian Raabe COUNTRY: Germany, Ghana YEAR: 2021 SPOKEN LANGUAGE(S): English, French, German SUBTITLES: German RUNNING TIME: 104 min

SECTION: Previews at Cinecittà



The two brothers Kojo and Yoofi grow up on the electronic waste dump Agbogbloshi, which is based within Ghana’s capital Accra. In order to survive, they are extracting valuable metals by burning western electronic devices. Kojo is a second born son who wants to gain the acknowledgment and respect of his father. One day Kojo meets a Borga from Germany. His dream of going there is born. 10 years later he leaves his family behind in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a Borga. Arriving in Germany after a five-year odyssey through the continents he realizes quickly that he was chasing a myth. Germany does not welcome him with open arms. But going back is no option! Being ashamed of coming home not having made it, he has to fulfil the picture of the wealthy Borga from Germany… (Source: Borga Website)

BORGA is the feature film debut of the award-winning director York-Fabian Raabe. He studied at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb). Based in Berlin he focuses on artistic, social and cultural relevant movies, like the African refugee tragedy BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH and the Ghanaian e-waste documentary CHILDREN OF SODOM. They won numerous awards and were screened at the most renowned international film festivals.

Zwischen Himmel und Erde (2010), Sodoms Kinder (2013), Borga (2021)

SCRIPT: York-Fabian Raabe PRODUCER: Alexander Wadouh, Elaine Niessner, Tommy Niessner CINEMATOGRAPHY: Tobias von dem Borne EDITOR: Bobby Good, Kaya Inan SCORE: Tomer Moked, Ben Lukas Boysen CAST: Eugene Boateng, Christiane Paul, Lydia Forson


PRODUCTION COMPANY: Chromosom Film Gmbh (, east end film