Shadow Game

Shadow Game

DIRECTED BY: Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel COUNTRY:Netherlands YEAR: 2021 LANGUAGE(S): Arabic, Kurdish, Paschtu Persian, English SUBTITLES:German RUNTIME: 90 min

SECTION: Weekender 2022, Open Eyes 2022


SHADOW GAME shows the escape from the perspective of teenagers aged 14-17 who are trying to reach Europe via the Balkan route. They call their escape “The Game” – a life-threatening game that can be lost at any time. The young people try to cross the next border unnoticed by any means necessary: on foot, through minefields, through rivers, over mountains, as stowaways on coal trains or trucks. Each border crossing is a new level, often requiring several attempts. If the border police do catch them, they face the threat of abuse and illegal “push-backs”. Giving up is not an option. Their cell phone is their most important tool. They keep in touch with friends and family and document their escape on Instagram and TikTok. The teenagers’ footage gives a first-hand experience of what happens at Europe’s borders every day.
“An incredibly exciting and aesthetically outstanding work of film art that meets young people at eye level. And a stirring contemporary document.” Ysabel Fantou, DOK.fest Munich


CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ton Peters EDITOR: Patrick Schonewille MUSIC: Rui Reis Maia

PRODUCTION: Witfilm ( WORLD SALES: Olivier Semonnay, Java Films (