Merci Maman!

Merci Maman!

DIRECTED BY: Sophie Glanddier COUNTRY: France YEAR: 2019 LANGUAGE(S): French, English SUBTITLES:German RUNTIME: 87 Min

SECTION: Weekender 2022



Sophie Glanddier is a filmmaker. Her extremely fit mother is 81 years old and sets off with her daughter in search of her birth family. She was given up for adoption immediately after her birth in 1937. The first traces lead to Poland, but that is only the beginning: the research quickly takes on global proportions and reveals a family history that begins with pogroms in Russia and leads through the turmoil of the Second World War to England.

Despite the complex subject matter, this documentary road movie is an incredibly cheerful and light film featuring one of the most likeable and extravagant mother-daughter duos in recent film history.


Sophie Glanddier is an author and director. After training in the financial sector, she decided to turn to the world of art. She became a stylist at Studio Berçot (Paris), then a musician at the Gabriel Fauré Conservatory (Angoulême) and finally began her career as a filmmaker. She completed a Master’s degree in Writing and Directing Creative Documentaries, CREADOC (Angoulême)


Mohamed’s Sofa (2014) Jess, Headwind (2018) Merci, Maman (2019)

PRODUCER: Antonio Magliano CINEMATOGRAPHY:Sophie Glanddier EDITED BY: Sophie Glanddier MUSIC:Sophie Glanddier

PRODUCTION: Prima Luce ( WORLD SALES:Prima Luce (